Military Couple Marry by Proxy with Montana Law

So if you didn’t think it was illegal to marry by proxy, Montana was in the spotlight when two Military personnel married using an old Montana Law.  How did they do it when both of them were not present? They both signed an affidavit and used a stand in couple from Montana to complete the law and ceremony.

U.S. Army specialist Michelle Williams and Sgt. Drew Fidler tied the knot this summer for their own wedding but were not present because they were serving our country in the military.  Even though they could not get married in war zones, Drew and Michelle took to the internet for a creative way to get married when they found a non-denominational minister Marty Stuehler in Montana. He is one of the few people in the country who perform “double-proxy’’ marriages.

Montana is the only state that allows (more…)


Montana State University Campuses going Smoke Free

So Montana State University campuses in Bozeman and Billings are planning to kick smoking to the curb, at least it’s planned this fall at the Bozeman and Billings campuses.  Montana State University in Billings and Bozeman will become part of the majority of Universities banning smoking within building premises come Aug 1 and 15th.  Last year, the US had a total number under 600 universities that had already banned smoking compared to over 250 that still allowed smoking on school premises.

Even though some students are not happy about the ban, they will either have to smoke (more…)


Senator Chas Vincent Op ed Regarding Power Shift Conference

Senator Chas Vincent - Montana Senate District 1

Reading through the agenda of the recent Power Shift conference held February 17-19 at the University of Montana training students how to organize to obstruct responsible development of MT’s natural resources and eliminate the thousands of family wage jobs that benefit from its existence is certainly disturbing. Looking further into whom the platinum sponsors were, and finding that two of them are the current Presidents of MT’s U of M and MSU universities, which also sponsored the conference, left me wondering what the rest of Montana’s citizens would think of their universities underwriting this kind of activism with (more…)

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Montana vs United States – Average Wages per Job

 For those interested in the Average Annual Real Wages Per Job, MSU has an interesting graph that you might want to take a look at comparing Montana to the rest of the United States. Here’s the link for the whole report but the graph was a little telling.  The Document has 3 volumes that give an overview of the past decade of Montana, it’s resources, wages and how the State ranks compared to the United States in general. 

Volume 1:

Volume I presents and analyzes economic data by county for Montana including income and poverty data from the (more…)

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Montana Little League Advances to US Championship Game

Montana has been in the national spotlight thanks to the Big Sky Little League Team that won yet another unexpected game against the Huntington Beach team.  Montana’s record is now 3-0 in the Little League World Series in Willaimsport, PA.

Ben Askelson hit a homerrun to lead off the bottom of the


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Mid-Summer Weekend in Billings

It seems like every time I turn around there is something added to the third weekend in July here in Billings. This is good for the merchants of Billings I’m sure. Let’s see, the obvious thing that comes to mind is SummerFair, the Yellowstone Art Museum fling, this year at Veteran’s Park, suggesting a smaller affair than in the past. Still, it usually has some fairly high-class vendors;

and then there is the Big Sky State Games, which have actually been going on since last weekend and come to a climax on this coming weekend.

A new addition to the line-up this year is (more…)


Nine Ladies Dancing

From Dept 56 Twelve Days of Christmas

I know that some of us have already celebrated Epiphany, in the past usually celebrated on 6 January, at least in the liturgical part of the Church. In our diocese we celebrated yesterday, 2 Jan, if you didn’t happen to get out of bed on time. But others are still celebrating (more…)

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Annual Threshing Bee a Big Hit!

Each booth educates the public and demonstrates how a product was harvested, whether for sugar beets, wheat, corn or barley or any other product.

Montana isn’t known for the big city lights like New York City and the famous Las Vegas.  However, it does have it’s share of history, events and Old West specialties!  Put that in modern times and it becomes an active, interesting and thrilling event to see.  The annual Threshing Bee is centered around old machinery, history, and education wrapped in one.

Have you ever envisioned the Old West and the effort it took in order to harvest crops, cut hay, or even haul product to a (more…)

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