The coal export opportunity for Montana

Montana Coal Truck Carrying CoalAs the coal debate heats up on the west coast, our state is left hoping and waiting for the approval of five proposed coal export terminals in the Pacific Northwest.  Our state economy is closely connected with the coal industry—keenly feeling the ups and downs of this industry.  And, right now, the proposed Pacific Northwest terminals will aide in supplying our state a new export market for sustained, long-term economic growth.

Montana has always had the largest coal reserve in the country with over 119 billion tons of coal—simply an unfathomable amount of coal that provides our state a built-in economic opportunity.  At the moment, coal, directly and indirectly, provides almost 5,000 Montana family-wage jobs with a payroll of over $273 million.  Our state has reaped the benefits of coal production; our unemployment rate is decidedly lower than the national average and our state had a budget surplus of $426 million.  This financial well-being stems, in large part, from our coal industry.  And, in order to keep this economic gain, the coal industry must continue to grow.

The five proposed Pacific Northwest terminals will aide our state (more…)


Montana Governor’s response to Chaos in the Montana Senate

Montana Governor Steve BullockMontana Governor Steve Bullock reacted today after the Montana State Senate broke down communications between parties as democrats tried to use a procedure which is called a “A call of the Senate” in which all voting and speech stops and ceases until all members or Senators of the Senate are present or accounted for.  It appears that democrats, who were not happy about certain ballot initiative bills that were being voted on third reading, tried to halt progress by a “call of the Senate” procedure but were not recognized before the third and final vote today.

Today was the final day for revenue bills and referenda bills to pass the Montana Senate and House or fail the legislative process due to failure to meet the deadline.  In an attempt to halt voting and request a “Call of the Senate” by Senate Democrats, the Senate went to third reading before recognizing the “Call of the Senate” motion to locate an apparent missing Senator Augier who apparently went back to Browning for the weekend.

The Montana Republican Party released (more…)


Decker Coal Mine to Lose More Jobs

Montana’s Decker Coal Mine has announced that they will be laying off some 70 coal mine jobs from the surface mine near the Wyoming border in mid-January, according to managers at the Mine.

It was reported that A spokesman for mine operator Ambre Energy North America attributed the layoffs to “ongoing expense management activities,” but offered no details. It is co-owned by Ambre-subsidiary KCP Inc. and Western Minerals LLC, a subsidiary of Cloud Peak Energy.

Not a good sign for the future of Montana as it appears that more jobs are lost, as in the Curett Plant in Billings, MT who also announced the closure of it’s power plant (more…)

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2012 Montana Governor and Senate Debates

Here is some updated Debate schedule info for the Montana Governors Race between Rick Hill and Steve Bullock. Also, stay tuned as Denny Rehberg and John Tester will debate it out in Montana for the Senate Race before the November General Election.
Tuesday, September 18, is the first debate between Rick and Steve Bullock.
Gubernatorial Debate – Helena Tuesday, September 18th DOORS OPEN at 6:00PM …

DEBATE BEGINS at 7:00PM Helena Middle School Seating is first-come, first-served, so please get there in time to grab your seat!
This is the FIRST DEBATE and the kick-off to the debate season – so you don’t want to miss it.

Onto another race, John Tester and Denny Rehberg tried a debate in June but it was cancelled.

The scheduled debate between the three Montana candidates for U.S. Senate had been canceled.  The decision was made by the board of directors of the Montana Broadcasters Association last June.

The debate was scheduled for Sunday, June 24th, in Whitefish at the annual convention of the Montana Broadcasters Assocation. (more…)

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Montana and Montana State Football Schedules 2012

The Montana State Bobcats and the University of Montana Grizzilies (Griz) Football Schedules and seasons are well underway.  If you are looking for the next game, next team, date, or provider broadcasting the game, look no further than Montana’s Trailhead to bring you that information.

Here at MontanasTrailhead.com,  we are going to focus on both teams each year and follow them with schedules, and periodic (more…)


Scurry for Free Homesteader Days Concert Tickets

Huntley, MT – The Huntley Project Community website announced again the opportunity to win Free Homesteader Days concert tickets to Bellamy Brothers by an online scavenger hunt.

Round 2 starts NOW!!, visitors to the community website www.huntleyproject.net will be able to search the community website once more for another search to find FREE tickets to Homesteader Days concert being performed by the Bellamy Brothers and The Bucky Beaver Ground Grippers Now and once more before the Homesteader Days Parade.

Details of the online (more…)

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Election Results Prefacing Rehberg Tester Debate

With just over 150 days until Election Day 2012, one thing is clear: Montana’s closely-watched, nationally important U.S. Senate race is all about the clear contrast between the record and philosophy of Denny Rehberg, and that of Senator Jon Tester.

Between Montanans’ overwhelming rejection of President Obama’s policies, which Senator Tester has supported 95% of the time, and the high levels of enthusiasm among Montana Republicans, the political environment in Montana seems to be favoring Denny Rehberg.

Here is a synopsis on the state of this critical Senate contest according to Republicans, and what folks can expect to see in the months ahead.

The political environment in Montana:

The state’s June 5th primary results indicated that Montana Republicans enjoyed (more…)


Free Homesteader Days Concert Tickets- Bellamy Brothers Scavenger Hunt

HuntleyProject.net website launches Free Tickets to Homesteader Days with an online scavenger hunt hosted by the Huntley Project Lions Club.



May 18, 2012

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 Homesteader Days – Bellamy Brothers Scavenger Hunt


Huntley, MT – The Huntley Project Community website on Friday announced the launch of Free Homesteader Days concert tickets to Bellamy Brothers by an online scavenger hunt.

Starting today, visitors to the community website www.huntleyproject.net will be able to search the community website and find FREE tickets to Homesteader Days concert being performed by the Bellamy Brothers and The Bucky Beaver Ground Grippers today and throughout the months of June and July.

Details of the online Scavenger Hunt are found at (more…)

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