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Image of the Montana mountain tops.

Image of the Montana mountain tops.

Are you passionate about current issues or topics being discussed or just something that’s on your mind?  Does it relate to Montana? Can you write about the past and future in the present?  Do you feel inclined to submit an article to the masses and haven’t found a place or platform to do it?  We here at the Montana trailhead site invite you to register and submit an article to be published.

This is what we ask from you before submitting the article.  Please take the time to put the article together thoughtfully and creatively.  Please make it longer than one sentence or paragraph!  We recommend a picture of some kind to associate the article.  Your info or pictures are to be yours and that you agree to submit it to us for our consideration. Please don’t use language that could be offensive to others.  Please check your spelling before submission as the lack of demonstrates the inept ability to completely express your thoughts and possibly miscommunicate your article. If your still engaged and ready to start writing, then it’s now time to register.    If you still have questions, please send your info and request to  and we will get back to you at our earliest convenience. 

 As our editors and writers can easily overlook small things, however the better prepared the article, the better we will be able to fine-tune it before posting it to the masses for thier entertainment and reading with our own satire twist of course.  

 We reserve the right to edit, change, or omit parts in order to publish it at our own discretion.  Therefore,  by you submitting the info, we assume no liability for info that is misprinted or not completely accurate.  As we pride ourselves in being as professional as possible, we know that thier will be imperfections along the trail we leave and will try to update them as neccessary.    


Thank you for your consideration and submission. 

Montana’s Trailhead .com!

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