Yellowstone County News Changes Owners

ycnmainbannerHuntley, MT – Jonathan and Tana McNiven of rural Huntley have purchased the weekly Yellowstone County Newspaper from Pete and Rebecca Robison of Huntley effective October 1st. The McNivens plan to keep the paper in the same location and format for the time being. Jonathan, a 1997 graduate of Huntley Project High School, is a current sitting (more…)


Homesteader Days on the Huntley Project

Bellamy Brothers Performing at 2012 Huntley Project Homesteader Days

Friday July 13th – Homesteader Hall, Huntley, MT.    Gates open at 5:30pm.

2012 Homesteader Days at Homesteader Hall in Huntley, MT.

The Huntley Project Lions Club has announced this years entertainment at Homesteader Days. Get ready and get your dancin boots on!! The Bellamy Brothers will be performing the lead act with live country music to start the weekend festivities.  This Duo, featuring David and Homer Bellamy have charted some 20 no. 1 hits and more than 50 albums since 1975.  Along with some of their famous songs like Let Your Love Flow, Old Hippie, and Redneck Girl; country music charts (more…)


77 Days in September by Ray Gorham

Update:  Today (Jan 27, 2012), the electronic book 77 Days in September by Ray Gorham has now passed 5,000 copies sold.  It’s only available on amazon and keeps breaking records.  It’s not even in hardcopy yet.  The interesting part is that a publisher has not even pounced on the book yet.  People and readers just keep buying it and then refer others.  Let’s see how many books are sold by the end of the year.  Good luck Ray. (Oh, we just uploaded the new cover released today on the 5000 book milestone (below).)   


So here’s my yearly book review. I felt it fitting for this website as its from a Montana author Ray Gorham who wrote 77 days in September.  The book has been published about 5 months now and I was informed that over 1500 books so far have already been sold.  It’s only available on Kindle at this time but a great read   

 It took me awhile to find the logic of 77 Days in September title.  I really enjoyed the book as I was able to relate to the characters, ideas and situations the author portrayed. It sure made interesting conversation at the possibility of an EMP detonating above the United States and if I’d be ready.  I enjoy books and movies that have a mission in mind based on good uplifting principles.  I saw symbolism that opened my eyes from a perspective of a Christian and the battles one has internally between good and evil.  I got some good ideas from the characters in the book that were prepared and how their preparation was beneficial for others. I got a real sense of how grateful I am to live in Montana, out in the (more…)


MT State Legislature in Recess!

For those interested in Montana politics and the bills going through the legislative session, it’s that time when all state legislators take a four day break and go back to thier respective districts and listen to what thier district and constituents have to say. 50 Senators and 100 Representatives will be completing town hall meetings through out thier districts to give an update on the 2011 legislative session. 

From topics of Medical Marijuana, Workmans Comp to abortion and noxious weeds are all in the works for different bills to be addressed.  As it’s only Half-time, this is the time to (more…)

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Bannack State Park – Best Preserved Ghost Town!

These are not ghost but we thought we would see some but no luck.

These are not ghost but we thought we would see some but no luck.

Montana has a real surplus of a few things. They’ve got more sky than they know what to do with (a “big sky” if you will), empty stretches of well-maintained roads, and they’ve also got more ghost towns than any state should ever have need for, especially on a per capita basis. But if you like ghost towns, and I sure as heck do, the best one in Montana is easily Bannack State Park in Dillon.

And if you want to hunt ghosts, there’s no better (more…)

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